Tips For Your Online Roulette Strategy

The first rule to know concerns the “surrender” option, not to be confused with the option of the same name in the BlackJack Online game . In Roulette, this rule applies to outside bets such as odd / even, red / black, high / low. If the ball lands on 0 or 00 you lose only half instead of the whole bet which has a considerable effect on the house edge. Obviously the payouts are not as high for outside bets, but simply by finding a table with the “surrender” rule, your chances of winning increase considerably.

In the previous paragraph we mentioned how the choice of the type of table can really make a difference in terms of roulette strategies. In fact, understanding how the presence of a zero or two zeroes works is particularly interesting as the bank’s profit margin changes in favor or against the player. In a European table the house edge is reduced from 5.26% to 2.7%. Although European roulette tables are mainly located in Europe, in the world of online gaming it is only necessary to click to visit them.

The third rule we recommend that you keep on your roulette strategy list is called “in jail”. This rule applies when the ball lands on 0 and only applies to outside money bets on even numbers. In this situation, the player does not lose his bet immediately, but instead keeps his bet “in prison” on the table. Following the next spin, the fate of that bet will be decided. If the previous bet wins, the stake is returned to the player, but with no extra winnings. If he loses, the money from the bet is withdrawn, and if the ball lands on 0 again, the bet remains ‘in jail’.

There is a lot of talk about roulette strategies but from a purely statistical point of view these speeches have no meaning since luck is always the fundamental component of every game. So before evaluating any type of system it is good to remember these considerations. It doesn’t matter if the number 16 hasn’t appeared in the last seven thousand spins, the odds of 22 on the next spin are the same for all other numbers. This is a statistical fact and should not be forgotten, however if you want to know the best roulette tricks and strategies to win there is only one way: have fun and enjoy your game without anxiety and stress of any kind!